Senator Mike CarrellSenator Mike Carrell served the people of Pierce County and the 28th Legislative District in the House of Representatives for 10 years before his election to the Senate in 2004, again in 2008 and again in 2012. During his tenure, he authored a landmark bill to reform the criminal justice system in Washington that better protects the public by assuring that no one community is overburdened by returning felons.  Sen. Carrell works across the aisle in a bipartisan manner to get results for his constituents.  He also wrote the Becca laws, which help identify at-risk youth who skip school so they can be given the assistance they need to keep from becoming juvenile, and later adult, offenders.

Most recently, Sen. Carrell saw more than half a dozen of his 2013 bill proposals become law, including the first step toward creating a comprehensive, statewide mental-health database. That bill will allow law enforcement to access a complete list of individuals who should be prevented from owning firearms due to a mental illness. Additionally, Carrell’s Ethics in Public Service act will provide whistleblower protections to state employees who file ethics complaints and install financial penalties for any retaliation against the employee, as well as exempt from public disclosure the identity of any state employee who files an ethics complaint. Carrell also saw his bill to enhance the penalty for robbery of a pharmacy pass into law. Public safety has always been a top priority for Sen. Carrell.

As a retired schoolteacher who spent over 30 years in the classroom teaching math and science at the junior high, high school and college level, Sen. Mike Carrell knows firsthand the value of a good education.  That’s why he works hard to improve schools and help enrich the lives of Washington’s students.

Sen. Carrell also wants to create an environment in Washington where those students can go on to find good, productive jobs and contribute to our society.  Sen. Carrell is always working to improve the business climate in our state to draw in out-of-state companies, encourage small businesses to flourish and retain the businesses that are the backbone of our economy.

A lifelong Tacoma-area resident, Sen. Carrell and his wife, Charlotte, live in Lakewood.  They have three sons, Matthew, Larry and Carlton, and five grandchildren.

Special Committees: Correctional Industries Board of Directors; Attorney General’s Eminent Domain Task Force; Legislative Task Force on Community Custody and Community Supervision; Child Support Work Group; Joint Committee on Veterans’ and Military Affairs; Joint Legislative Task Force on Offenders Programs; State Council on Aging.

Standing Committees (2011-13): Human Services and Corrections (Chair); Law & Justice (Vice-Chair); Transportation, Rules.

Education: B.A. in education from Pacific Lutheran University; post-graduate studies in science.

Community Involvement: Founder and past president of Washington Families; past member and chief negotiator for Franklin Pierce Education Association; past executive board member, 28th District Republican Club; 28th District Initiative 602 coordinator.  Member: Christ Lutheran Church; Lakewood Chamber of Commerce; Lakewood First Lions; Lakewood United.

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